Divorce In Las Vegas Nevada: The Process

Knowing about the process of divorce in Las Vegas Nevada can help you prepare properly for this event. During divorce proceedings the court will determine the alimony payments as well as the division of property and debts. In case there are any children below 18, the court will also adjudicate child custody, support and related issues as well.

The Divorce Process in Nevada

Nevada is a No-Fault Divorce State, which means that the spouse seeking divorce does not need to accuse the other spouse of wrongdoing.Nevada also provides two no-fault grounds for divorce i.e. incompatibility and living apart/separately.

The steps involved in divorce proceedings in Las Vegas depends on the specific situation of the individuals involved. It is much easier and less costly when the parties consent to a resolution rather than fight it out. However, there are times when the parties cannot settle their differences. If this happens, then the Court will set the matter for trial, which unfortunately extends the time to finalize the divorce case.

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