Minor Guardianship Laws in Vegas
In some cases, a district court can grant an order for guardianship over an adult or a minor child.

In addition to dealing with representing lawyers in Las Vegas who need to defend State Bar disciplinary proceedings, child custody litigation, Family Law and Divorce matters, and Minor Guardianships.

Under the Nevada Revised Statutes 159, the state is able to allow the appointment of a temporary guardian for a minor or protected person who may not be able to look after themselves if their safety is under threat. This is a short term form of guardianship, but there is another form of guardianship for minors which should also be understood and addressed. It is possible for someone to be assigned guardianship of a child because the child will be living with them for a prolonged period, and the guardian caters to their basic needs and handles day to day issues – needing the rights that go along with being a guardian. With this kind of guardianship arrangement, the parents still retain parental rights, even though they do not actually live with the child. This may be used if the parents need to go away for a long period, or if the parents become sick or incapacitated, but it is expected that they will recover.


Guardianship is something which must be assigned properly, and the cases must be handled with attention to detail and with a clear understanding of the rights and responsibilities associated with being a guardian. Even if the guardian is someone who is a close family friend, it is not safe to assume that the child can just live there and everything will be OK. For a guardian to deal with schools, hospitals and doctors, or other professionals, they need a legal document that proves that they are indeed the guardian of the child. Otherwise, a well-meaning person could alert social services to the situation – and this could trigger a stressful investigation. The teacher, parent or professional who took action would be merely following the safeguarding training that they were given – and doing something commendable, because there have been cases of children being kidnapped or left with friends or relatives out of neglect.


I specialise in guardianship and child custody, and am committed to offering professional, efficient and discrete service. I understand how important stability is in a child’s life, and that the decision to appoint a guardian is not one that is taken lightly. If you have any concerns or questions about the process, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me so that I can work with you to understand the law and make sure that you are making the right decisions for your child.


The process is a smooth and simple one in most cases – assuming that the person that you want to appoint as a guardian is a fit and proper person. I would be happy to see you book an appointment with me to discuss the situation, and to work through any potential legal pitfalls, ensuring your child gets the care that they need.