Minor Guardianship Laws in Vegas
In some cases, a district court can grant an order for guardianship over an adult or a minor child.

Minor Guardianships


Under the Nevada Revised Statutes 159 and/or 159A, a temporary guardian may be appointed for a minor or protected person who may not be able to look after themselves. There are short term guardianships and long terms guardianships which can be accomplished for a minor child and various reasons why a person would consider seeking a guardianship for a minor child. A guardianship typically permits the “guardian” to not only have custodial time with the minor child, but to communicate and make decisions for the minor child or protected person, such as issues dealing with schools, hospitals and doctors, other professionals, financial issues and other matters. However, if a child has a history of residing with a nonparent and has a sufficient bond with said non-parent, that non-parent might seek third-party custodial rights – which are more permanent and broad in nature than you typical guardianship, if not also more challenging to obtain.

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