Vegas Attorney Discipline Defense

In addition to offering child custody litigation, Divorce and Family Law,  and minor guardianship services, I also represent lawyers in Las Vegas in dealing with ethics issues with the State Bar of NV.
Attorneys that are facing issues with the state bar of NV regarding ethics violations should contact me to hear more about the services that I offer.
The Office of Bar Counsel exists to protect the public.  One of the actions that the state Bar takes is to discipline lawyers that are found to have acted in violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct in Nevada.  Members of the public that suspect that a lawyer has acted inappropriately are encouraged to contact the Office of Bar Counsel, and the Office will then investigate the claims. For a lawyer that has been accused, this can be a stressful process. The Office of Bar Counsel offers education and basic advice to lawyers, but does not offer legal advice to a lawyer that is accused. Nor does the Office of Bar Counsel involve itself in damage or malpractice claims. If a lawyer needs advice, then they should seek the assistance of an attorney that deals in representing lawyers in Las Vegas in defending themselves against the allegations raised by the State Bar of NV.


The disciplinary rules of procedure are laid out quite clearly, and were amended in June 2017.  It is vital that they are followed correctly, to ensure those that take the bar are acting in the best interests of the public.


In 2012, there was a huge backlog of attorney discipline proceedings in Nevada, with complaints taking between three and five years to be addressed – the backlog was caused by the State Bar and the Nevada Supreme Court, because of staffing issues and a general overflow of cases. Because of this huge backlog, many lawyers who should have been suspended from practicing were not, because no legal action was taken against them. On the other hand, many good lawyers were left with undue stress because they were threatened with a disciplinary action that was unfounded, and would have been resolved had their case been heard.


In 2014, the state made dealing with disciplinary hearings a priority, but the backlog is taking a long time to go down.  There were 415 grievances pending court action in July 2014, and 38 of those were more than six months old, with those 38 cases being related to 114 attorneys. A year later, the backlog was reduced to 240.  In 2016, there were 816 cases assigned to the court, and 712 were resolved.


As you can see, disciplinary hearings take a long time and can be quite stressful. Having a qualified attorney on your side to represent you will help to take away a lot of that stress, and ensure that you get the attention and support that you deserve. Disciplinary hearings can be brought against even the most diligent and honest of lawyers, and it is important that they are taken seriously and that you cooperate as best you can. I am here to help you to get through this challenging time so you can get back to practicing law.