Child Custody Laws in Vegas

I practice in the areas of Divorce and Family Law, Child Custody Litigation, Minor Guardianship cases, and representing lawyers in Las Vegas that are facing disciplinary proceedings from the State Bar of Nevada.

Child custody battles can be stressful for the parents, for those who are petitioning for custody (typically a parent who is going through a divorce), and for the child as well.

It is important that child custody cases are handled professionally and calmly, to minimise disruption and distress for the child, and to ensure that the parent that is deserving of custody has the best chance of winning.

When parents break up, there is a perception that the mother will automatically get custody of the child. It is true that there is a societal bias towards mothers because they would typically play the main caregiver role – but that is not always the case, and the courts look at numerous issues when they are deciding who to give custody to. A child that is settled in a school, happy and performing well, may want to stay there rather than move out of state with the other parent. The courts may give custody to a parent that is better positioned to look after a child – financially, in terms of living arrangements, working hours, and even health.

The job of a child custody lawyer is to consider your position as a caregiver, and to help the courts to see how assigning custody to you would be in the best interests of the child. It helps if there is a good relationship between the parent and the child, but as much as possible the goal is to avoid dragging the child into a custody debate and using the child themselves as a tool or a pawn in the argument.

In addition to custody, visitation and child support are things that you would need to consider as a part of a relationship breakdown. It is important for a child to have both parents in his or her life, assuming that the two parents are both safe and positive influences.

One particularly complex area of child custody comes when a parent is failing to give proper care and support to a child, and someone else in the family petitions for guardianship. This is something that must be handled delicately to ensure that the child gets what is needed for them, and that the parent is not being deprived of the child for petty or malicious reasons. The State does not want to interfere in parenting unless it is absolutely necessary, but where a child’s wellbeing is at risk they may intervene to ensure that the child is fed, clothed, has access to education, and is surrounded by people who care for them and are positive role models.

If you are caught up in a custody case, then please do not hesitate to contact me so that I can work with you to protect your child’s welfare.